Successful Integration: The Role of a Leader in Instructional Technology

Much has been written in recent years regarding the role of a leader in the field of Instructional Technology (IT) (Albright & Nworle, 2008; Chen, Wu, Yang, & Tsou, 2008; Wynn, 2008). The purpose of this paper is to define the role of a leader in the field of IT based on the scholarly writings of professionals in the field. By analyzing the roles outlined in these writings, it is possible to extract and organize a thread of commonalities in the leadership roles portrayed by the authors and the individuals referenced in their works. The ideas presented in this paper are based specifically on articles by Ertmer (1999); Ertmer & Hruskocy (1999); Jonassen, Shen, Marra, Cho, Lo, & Lohani, V. K. (2009); Lockee & Reiser (2006); and Reiser (2001a; 2001b). From these writings, I propose that a professional in an IT related field must act as a problem solver, team member, IT historian, visionary, and innovator in order to be a successful leader.

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