Satin Gum – “EP2”

Album Credits:
Brian Spekis – guitar, vocals
Jonathan Gunnell – guitar, backup vocals
Travis Craig – bass
Dan Vavro – drums, backup vocals

All songs written by Brian Spekis.  All songs performed and produced by Satin Gum. Copyright © 2010 Satin Gum. Long Time No Spekis ASCAP. Recorded and engineered by Jonathan Gunnell and Brian Spekis. Mixed by Jonathan Gunnell. Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios. Album artwork by Ashley Andrykovitch.

“Hipshake Heartbreak”
“Another Lonely Friday Night”
“Flea Markets & Libraries”
“Walking Dead”
“Love Not Of This World”


Bowman, P. (2010, August 10).

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