Jonathan Gunnell

Jonathan Gunnell Cartoon Portrait


Relevant Versus Extraneous Music in Multimedia Instruction: A Study of the Coherence Principle

Doctoral Dissertation, 2017

Pitt Online Toolbox: Building a centralized staff resource depot

Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate, April 2016

Instructional Technology Throughout the Writing Process

International HETL Review, July 2013

The Virtualization Project in the South West College of Further and Higher Education in Northern Ireland: A Case Study

May 2012

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web Project

May 2012

Teaching with Max/MSP

TI:ME National Conference January 2012

Finale Faculty Training Program Proposal

December 2011

Music 2.0 – Web Tools for Creative Pedagogy

ATMI National Conference October 2011

Evaluating the Effectiveness of as an Instruction Supplement

July 2011

Successful Integration: The Role of a Leader in Instructional Technology

June 2011

Analyzing TPCK and Music Education at Duquesne University

February 2011

Best Practice Mashup: Incorporating Mashups Into The Classroom

February 2011

K-A-RPE and Instructional Psychology & Technology at BYU

January 2011

Mashup The Music Classroom

TI:ME Nation Conference January 2011

GarageBand In The Music Classroom

July 2010

An Illustration of Binaural Beats

June 2009

Advanced Pro Tools Techniques

November 2008

Debussy and Neuroscience

April 2008

Debussy At This Very Moment

April 2008

Commonalities Between Mallarmé, Debussy, and their L’Apres-midi d’un Faune

January 2008