Demo Reel


This is a 6 minute demo reel of some of the rock and pop recordings I’ve done.

I recorded and mixed all of these samples except where noted.

Derek White and the Monophobics – Surfin’ the Allegheny
Satin Gum – Call You
Vesta – She Said Fine
Grand Piano – Six Count
Derek White and the Monophobics – We Can Slide
Wilk – Put Me On Your Schedule (mixing only)
Alot & Alot – The High Ceiling
Paul Phillips – Montana
Alot & Alot – The Tip Off
Grand Piano – Cockroaches
Vesta – Hang Around
Alot & Alot – Three Times Again
Satin Gum – Hip Shake Heartbreak
Grand Piano – Town With No Name
The Red Western – Boatman’s Lament
Wilk – Dangerous High (mixing only)
Satin Gum – Did You Know I Know Kung-Fu?